Spyderco Endura w/ "Foliage Green" G-10 Handle


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Any of you guys have the Spyderco Endura w/ the "Foliage Green" G-10 handle? I'm planning on picking one of them up in a few days, and would like your opinions of this knife.



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I love the color myself. The Spyderco Endura is kind of like a Glock to me; its not terribly exciting to look at, but is utterly reliable and exceptionally well designed and executed.

I will probably always own an Endura.

tu tone tommy

The only Spyderco I own is a Military with CPV440V They don't make the Military with that steel any more they were limited several years ago. Great knife. A lot of Ropers I knew carried Spyerco knives. But some years back they had trouble with soft steel in their blades. Serrated Blades would wear smooth in short order cutting rope. A lot of guys went to Kershaw.


The Endura's are amazing knives you'll enjoy it! The Foliage Green is a good color I prefer the British Racing Green myself but not sure if it's available on the Endura I know it is on the Delica so would think it would be also on the Edura


Out of the dozens of folders I have the Endura gets the most pocket time. I don't have the G10 handle but if I did- I'm sure I would like it even more. I think the G10 Endura has the FFG also which is another + .
Yes I own more than my share of Spydercos & the G-10 Endura is a great knife.
Pricey but with the steel liners it does give it a much stronger feel than the frn versions.
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The G-10 Endura is one of my all time favorite Spyderco's.

With a rich/grippy G-10 and I think hollowed out steel liners it has the extra heft the FRN models don't. Full flat ground blades are all the rage and Spyderco uses them more and more. This model was sporting them early on.

The Endura G-10 is now discontinued. I suspect it was the $125 price that drove everyone away. Myself included. The FFG, G-10, Forest Green was dropped to $70-$80 for the clearance. I flipped for one and was shocked at the upgrades this knife had. It really is in a class by itself and I’m glad I stocked up on the them. Buying the last two at $63 each. I ended up with six. One is a comfortable user and two I have sold for a small profit.

This is one knife that going to take a lot to get out of my hands. I rather spend the next 10/15 years using them.