spam alert


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got this email:
You have received a new private message at Forums from amboose, entitled "$50 bonus for you"
of course there is no message here.
deleted it.
just a heads up
I got one from different name same crap. reported as spam

Mine came from Dennis Adams new member
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I nuked him.
it was a dormant two year old account and run by a spam farm somewhere.
We made good progress on blocking several foreign IPs but this pass might be different.

We continue to nuke to keep you spam free...:biggrin:
I got that too, today. The name was Dennis Adams.
Trustingly (because it is knifedogs) I clicked on the link and then thought "OOOOOOH NOOOOO"
So far so good.

Thanks for looking out for us.
Check your deleted PM's. those actually have to be deleted again to free up space.