Spalted Box Elder Burl and O1... #10

Steven Long

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I learn as we all learn ( trial and error ) I'm sure other guys have their way of doing it but this is what I do.
Yeah, I have a piece of micarta 1/4 x 2 x 5" or so that I use as a sanding block. . I walk up through all the grits from 220 right on up to 1000 to 1500 depending on how it feels and looks. And after I'm done , I use an eraser ( the ones that we had in school ) I'd wrap a piece of paper around it ( step down a few grits )and drag right through the ricaso and through the blade a few times and you'll see a good result. It'll take a few times but I think it adds a nice touch and look to the blade. Oh yeah I forgot to mention , use a drop of Mobil 1 oil between each grits, it makes a big difference. Obviously wipe blade between each grit.. Give it a try.. You'll be hooked in no

I also forgot to mention to grind a 45 on on another piece of micarta . You can use that to get into your plunges.

Thanks for the tips, Mike. I did make me a few different sanding sticks and a few sanding platforms when I started all of this. I have been reading about the mobil one and have yet to get some. Time to get on the ball.

Steven Long

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I can't afford one of your knives so posting this kind of stuff is just unfair. In all seriousness though, I look at your knives and they make me want to make knives instead of just wantig to own knives.

Thank you, Liam!

Awesome thing for you to say.

Steven Long

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awesome work. I love the handle material. your lines are clean and the shape is great. I really like the Idea of etching the name on the spine. My only "but" is that with no marking on the blade its hard to easily see who made it. If I borrowed the knife and liked it I would look for the makers mark. If you just had a quick second to check out the knife it might go unnoticed. Great work I look forward to see your next piece.

Thanks, man.

I put the makers mark right by the ricasso so when you are holding it, my name still shows. I am sure it will be a little hidden with someone who has bigger hands but it is pretty noticeable.

Steven Long

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That knife is fantastic. I love every aspect and hope my tenth is half of yours.


Thank you for the kind words, Keith!

Nice work Steve. Glad to see your work coming along!

Thanks, Don!

Just stumbled on this.
Nice design and real clean work.


I appreciate the comment, Rudy.

The new owner is very very happy with it. That made me feel pretty good.