I have been collecting Southern Grind knives since there Genesis in 2011. I love what they stand for as a company- American made (in Georgia), Support veterans and military, earnings directly support a kids camp called Camp Southern Ground. The company was started by Zac Brown (Zac Brown Band) so these are his knife designs- you can tell he is a knife guy himself. I have always enjoyed his music and skill on stage, and his attention to detail translates over to his knife company. Kudos ZB!


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I have heard that band and liked their music, but had no idea he was involved in knives. Glad to hear that.
KenH, I have been to their manufacturing shop located in Peachtree City, Georgia and the set up is impressive. The businesses are set up to support a kids camp that Zac created called Camp Southern Ground.
Nice collection. Ive been listening to the band for a few years now but I had no idea Zac was also into knives. Ill definitely check their website and order some knives to add to my own collection.
The ‘how it’s made show’ did a segment on Southern Grind knives. They use lots of templates and machines to produce knives. I don’t think that was the case in the beginning.