Sources for Ferric Chloride and Silicon Carbide

Sean Jones

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Amazon wait time on the FeCl is three weeks and the Silicon Carbide isn't much better. Any other places to look? I found some on Ebay ready to ship, but I'm always leery of Fleabay.


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I got my ferric from Amazon, don't think there was a wait when I got it. And I did get my powder from eBay...let me find the seller I got it from.


The stuff I've used in the past came from a rock tumbling kit we bought the kids a while back. is the one I think we used. I don't know how prices compare though. That might be another avenue if you need it.


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Amazon Prime, FeCl, delivery 9-22
Amazon's 2 day Prime delivery is now mostly 7 days...or so.


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Sean Jones

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Thanks everyone. MTBob it now shows delivery by this Friday. Weird...I think I'm either losing it or Amazon is playing games. Neither would surprise me.
Bruce, since I have Prime, I went ahead and ordered from Amazon. But I will bookmark The Science Company for the future.