Some sheaths

While the present batch of knife handles are taking in the finish, I started on some sheaths. I got them cut out and later in the day, dyed and belt loops sewn on but 20 of them will take a couple of days to get done
Hey Von, you finish all your sheaths with melted paraffin if I remember correctly?
Yes and for two reasons with the first being that it water proof's them and it also allows the sheath to be made to suit the users preference in the fit. It holds its form almost like kydex, so if a tigher fit is prefered, then a simple squeeze between the front and back does that, but if a looser fit is wanted then squeezing the welt edge toward the other edge will loosen the hold on the knife.
See what the whirl-wind tour did to you? Now ya gotta make a bunch of! They look very nice...
The 3 I made for the bowies will have to be redone as I am not happy with the design. This was a first as the bowie is a big knife and a behind the hip sheath is not suitable so I made a 30* canted sheath for the weak side carry but I will make a different style to my first try. Will do it more like the JT Ranger sheath. Everything else is ready to be finish sewn today.
Did you get the canted sheath done? Are you going to wear it a while to test? I'm thinking that design will be a good solution. I see some thigh sheaths and never really cared for those...If I gotta strap something to my thigh...,might as well wear a pistol...
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Been a busy couple of days getting the sheaths done, although they still have the edges to be dyed and the hot waxing to be done. The handles are all finished so there is just the sharpening to be done and those that have been ordered can be sent off with the balance being part of the stock for a day out at the custom gunshop down south next week.
At the top left after the little field scalpel is the three bowies in the 30* canted sheath beside the 45* JT Ranger. The 3rd bowie sheath is one I will keep for myself as it was a first ateampt at the canted sheath and I decided to make the patern again with the knife sitting deeper into it by another 1 1/4 inches. You will see that some of the sheaths have tags attached to them and that is because there are subtle differences in some of them and the tags make it easier to identify what knives they are for.