Soldering 410 SS to 416 SS?

Johnny Roberts

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Fellow Dogs,

I have been soldering Nickel Silver liners and bolsters together for my slipjoints.

I am interested in using Stainless Steel for these parts. My local metal supply has 410 Stainless in sheetstock for liners but only 416 Stainless in barstock for the bolsters.

Will soldering these two different Stainless Steels together pose any problems?

Will I see a difference between the two after the soldering?

Many thanks for your replies and help.

Lonestar JR

Bill Burke

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they both virtually the same and a common combination used by many. that said I believe that spot welding is a better way to attach them together.

Rusty McDonald

Spot welding is easier but you can solder them, the trick is keeping the mating surfaces clean, clean, and I do mean CLEAN! Then useing the correct flux. depending on if your gonna use low temp solder 400* stuff or the high temp stuff 1200*.