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fallbrook forge

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Hey all,

I've been reading here for awhile now, never got around to introducing myself.

I recently dove into knife making after a lifetime of wanting to do it. After I got out of the Marine Corps I went to an ABS intro to Bladesmithing course and loved it! There's been a lot of fluctuation in the in between but about 6 months ago I started really concentrating on my work. I'm currently only set up for stock removal and have Peters Heat Treating handling all the heat treat work.

We are moving to AZ shortly and I hope to expand my work back into forging and will start working out heat treatment as well.

I'm a dad of 4, 3 girls and a boy, hiker backpacker camper off roader. I love subarus and guns as much I love knives. My favorite knife would have to be a big chopper.