So, actually shop location question.


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Long story short, I'm divorced now, had to buy a house. I'm moved in, basement is split in half, half gym and half shop. Full wall with a a sliding door separates. The shop side also has its own entrance to the outside. My question is this. Who has their knife shop in their basement? What do you do to keep the dust down? I do have a dust collector. But any other tips tricks or things I should do/look into? I'd love to be able to use the space.

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I've talked to and visited several folks who have "shops" in their house/basement, and I simply can't image all the issues with keeping all the "gunk" under control. Most of those houses had a film of dust throughout the entire house, even when the shop was in the basement.

I would certainly recommend a 5 gallon bucket of soapy water under the grinder, and if there is a window(s), have them open, along with the door to the outside, and do whatever you have to to create a strong cross draft to "blow" stuff out the door. Several years ago I picked up a BIG axial fan (24"x24"...the kind they use when sanding drywall....designed to "suck" the drywall dust out of a building). It sounds like a jet engine running, but man does it ever move air..... in the summer months I use it to "draft" in the finish shop when I'm grinding dusty material such as woods/other handle materials. Personally, I would think that even one of those pre-fab "sheds" in the backyard would be preferable to having a grinder and other "knife associated" tools in the house.