Slobbering Tree Sniffers

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Slobbering Tree Sniffers...

I thought you should know.

carry on..
And I wear it as a badge of honor............................


[hey, my best friend is a slobbering tree sniffer,too]
Personally, I don't slobber when I sniff trees but my dog sometimes does! :D
Dang nabbit, I thought I had my drooling under control!! :eek: You said you weren't going to tell either. :p:eek:;)
I'll settle for the that, of course my four legged kids only started with trees. They now sniff and drool on everything. It can get a little embarrassing when I take them toy shopping at Pets Mart. You never know where that nose will go when they meet new people and four legged friends. I'll stick with the trees though.