simplest way to sharpen knives

Hey fred

By sharpening you mean resharpening or establishing the first edge?

For first edge you can use your grinder, 220g then 400g or 400g directly, depending on blade thickness then strop

You can always hand sharpen on stones after

If you want to resharpen you can use the same method altho i would advise you to use stones or sharpening system, a good priced one is the spyderco tri-angle
There are more expensive ones

Keep in mind im new to this, so wait and listen from the experienced guys! :)
Simplest way may not be the easiest.

I'd say the simplest way is to rub it on a stone at a constant angle.

Easiest way is to use a jig that will hold the angle for you so you have one less thing to worry about.

Every jig I've seen has some limitations, so what you want to sharpen will influence which is best for you.

IMO understanding what makes an edge sharp, and why edges fail will be the key to getting the best from your edges