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C Craft

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Steve I have been having a unique problem here the last couple of times it has rained. We have been inundated with house flies. I mean sometimes in the summer they are a nuisance but right before the past to rains. It has been like a scene out of "The Amityville Horror", the one where the flies go after the priest!!

Between dark last night and tonight I would bet I killed 25 -30 flies in the house, and that is only the ones I can confirm. Last night my garage/shop sounded like a zillion flies buzzing. Never seen them come in like that before these past two rains.

Ah Florida, the sun, the beaches, the bugs, the hurricanes, sinkholes. Oh well if you can't have a good time in God's paradise, there is always Alabama!! :) No offense Ken! Ha Ha!!


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I use one of those electronic tennis racket looking gizmos for wasps that come in the shop. they work good but I've found that on big wasps it just appears their dead, after a while the come back to life and fly off so I squash them all now after electrocuting them :D