Sheath for a St jude auction finished


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I Finished a sheath for a annual auction a bunch of traditional archer's have every year. I thought I'd post it here as I'm pretty happy with it turned out.
I did a few things that I haven't tried before and I think it helped. I've been lining sheaths with veg tanned kangaroo but split and skived saddle skirting to line this one. Way happy with how it looks after burnishing the edge's.

Most likely a traditional archer will end up with this one so I put some leaves on it for camo. The Knife is made by ABS JS Doug Campbell of Montana.

Wow that's incredible,as a life long traditional archer and bowyer I would be proud to carry that.
Thanks guys.
The auction has started and the knife & sheath are doing well. Great cause and all have a bit of fun while participating.
Thanks Claude & Ebbtide.

Claude, I'm betting you'd get good at carving pretty fast. Just gotta buy a bunch more costly tools, dang I hate that.