Sharpening at a show?


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I set up a table at a local gun show, and had several folks ask me if I sharpened blades. They said there was typically a guy at the show sharpening, but that he wasn't there. Looks to me like an opportunity, but leaves me with a few questions.

I typically sharpen on my variable speed 2x72, that I'm not able or willing to haul to a gun show. It runs on 220 anyway, even if I wanted to move it. I typically use a 120, then a worn 400, then strop.

I think I could pull it off with my 2x42 craftsman, which is small and portable, but that runs so fast that I'd really have to have a soft touch to not burn the edges. I sharpened 150 knives or so with it before I had the other grinder, but I also spent more time back then on stones instead of the fine belt. I wouldn't be scared to use it, but I sure don't like it compared to my VS grinder.

Is there a better tool for sharpening at a show?

I don't know what the market rate for sharpening is at gunshows. Any ideas?

I'd have some knives for sale also, just looking for some cash flow.
image.jpg Jason,
I build my frankengrinder with my Coote 2 x 72" a dolly from harbor frieght and a 1 hp motor and controller from Wayne here at KDs. I did a 1 hp so I can grind smaller blades on it if I want to do demo's or maybe go out in the forest or by the ocean and make a few knives. I can wheel this bad boy anywhere. I just need to enlist someones help to get it up on the table. The tower tilts. When i'm done I lay it back on to the motor and tighten up there for easy transport.

I've been sharpening at Malibu Farmers market now every weekend since Sept. It cost about $1000.00 to put this to gether. If I lived in Texas I would do the guns show as well.

Or you could set up a second motor behind the crapsman with a pulley to reduce the speed and just let the original motor spin.

If you want some more info on pricing PM me. I've got to bget back in my shop now.