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I am looking into expanding my sharpening business. Currently, I use an Edge Pro Apex and work weekend flea markets and the occasional Gun and Knife Show. I keep pretty backed up as the Edge Pro system is not particularly fast, especially with knives that need a lot of metal removed to get a decent edge.

I came across this machine recently. I am most curious as to what the more experienced sharpeners think of this machine? Thanks for any input.
The multiply speeds would make it handy. Slow is always good when it comes to blade edges. Friction means heat and heat is the enemy of hardened steel. How does the adjustable angle feature work, I can't tell by the photo? One inch wide belts take a little getting used to but they are very useful.
You could use this in conjunction with something to remove the wire edge which belt machines tend to produce. A diamond plate with some degree wedges to match the setting on the belt machine would work.

I wasn't impressed when he cut the sheet of paper with such a thin folder, Also with those 30" belts be prepared to go through a lot of them.

You talked about needed to remove a lot of metal some times. I sharp mostly culinary knives and some show up in really sad condition. I build a 2 X 72" one of these onto a dolly hand truck with a 1 HP and a variable speed controller.

About a $1000.00 if you were to put it all to gather today. I had the Coote 2 x 72 for the last 15 years plus and made it mobile. I can even do knife making demo's and have worked on some blades at farmers markets to help drum up my custom knife sales. 2 x 72" belts are the most economical, the run the coolest and last the longest of all the sizes for any portable machine. I can run 2" or split em and run 1" belts. I bought the 1HP and controller from Wayne Coe here on our site. he has a sub forum. Well worth the investment.

If you are serious? PM me and I'll get you some pictures of my setup.
Good advice on the 2 X 72 machine. I have a mobile set up as Laurence does and they are very versatile. Variable speed is a must have. They are bigger of course and take two people to move, but you can always find a kind soul that will help load and unload. Mine is on wheels.

Thanks for the advice! Here is another site I came across, looks like it gets pretty good reviews although it too uses the 30 inch belts
Thanks for the advice! Here is another site I came across, looks like it gets pretty good reviews although it too uses the 30 inch belts

I tell ya, If you want to go big, Go big! as in 2 x 72". Those 30"er's are for hobbyists and home sharpening. You will eat up a lot of belts and pay more per inch. 2 x 72" is the standard in knife making, welding fabrication shop belt sizes and thats where you can find the biggest variety, best quality and best price per Sq. inch.
for sharpening I started with the Sharpmaker, then just bought the Wicked edge. It puts an amazing edge on blades.
There is one more alternative may be considered:
Well at the risk of being a little insultive the first thing that came to my mind was a Rube Goldberg device cartoon.

All of this stuff may work, but he has taken a rock bottom machine and build this Rube Goldberg machine around it. Plus I can tell he is a gadget Geek, but he hasn't ever really done very much knife sharpening. Get a a variable machine in 2 x 72" You can free hand like I do or use Fred's Bubble Jig.rubegoldbergdevice.jpg
It is in the end your choice what you do but, the 1x30 is just a pia to try and do anything with. Polar bear forge is making a SLING 2x72 that is single use intended. It is more vertical than horizontal and comes with a flat platen. I believe he said he was going to price them around the 150 bucks. check out the thread abiut the sling grinder.
This can incorporate such things as Combat blades, chasing blades, folding knives, utility blades and so on to give some examples. Like other sharp question serrated knife likewise should be honed in spite of the fact that not as every now and again as straight cutting edge blades.
Be that as it may, you can't hone it in a normal knife sharpener. You require an extraordinary sharpener for serrated knife. Recorded underneath are few of the serrated knife sharpeners which you may be acquainted with or can be useful to you. visit knife sharpener site
Commonly then, it simply isn't sensible. Too often you'll have to hone your knife's edge right where you are, the place all you have is yourself, possibly a pack and your own two hands. Be that as it may, the greater part of all, more than the majority of this, honing on a honing stone will in any case get you the most keen edge conceivable. It is still the most solid approach to hone your blades.
Remember folks, the OP wasn't just looking at something to sharpen 1 or 2 knives at home, but something for production to sharpen a LOTS of knives. I agree with most here, 2X72" is the way to go. I do use my Tormek mostly for sharpening, but I had it BEFORE I got my first 2X72 grinder. If I didn't already have the Tormek, I really don't think I would have got it, even though it does do a GREAT job.

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