Seeking source for specific size waterstones


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I've recently aquired a couple Japnese-style chef knives made by Shosui Takeda.
He has an interesting method of sharpening that works wonderfully for the exquisitely thin san mai blades he makes:

As you'll notice, he plants the knife and holds the stone in hand. I have the stone he has in the vid, but truth be told it's a little coarser than I'd like to finish with.
So, I am looking for waterstones, preferably synthetic "splash and go" stones, in a size range ~1.25" wide, 0.5"-ish thick, and 5-6" long. Grits 3000, 5000 or 8000.

If anyone has a source for smaller waterstones, I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks!
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Be careful you get what you pay for. I would guess im into 2k worth of different stones both in sythetic and japanese natural . The key is to match up a nagura to the stone for final polish . The masters of this is a true art in sharpening . I think you could just go to 4k/ 8k stone and get a strop pasted with cr ox and it will be just fine. Knives like what your talking take much less time than say a straight razor. Kellyw
Thanks for the advice, Kelly.
I may end up getting a smallish 5k Shapton stone that is sold by, mounted on an EdgePro frame. It is about the size I want and will tell me if it's something I want to bother with.
I purchased some adhesive-backed abrasive strips sized for the Edge-Pro and stuck it on the back of a steel ruler. Using the technique shown in the vid cited above,a blade was polished with 3k to a more than adequate edge for a kitchen knife.
I'm just playing around with this "stone-in-hand" technique and am not going to be a fanatic about it. I can always go downstairs and put it on a compound-loaded leather slack belt and be done with it anyway! :)

Thanks, again, folks.