Second and third Damascus knives


I would really like to make my own Damascus some day but for now I’m buying what others make. These two are Alabama damascus. The smaller one is 3.2” blade with black/blue carbon weave blue liner handle. About 7” OAL. The second is 4.2” blade. Afzelia bolster and black palm handle. About 8.2” OAL. Sheaths made by my brother. Thanks for looking.

26F35D37-1FA0-411B-AB3A-E4DCE18FD3B7.jpeg 16821EA5-CCF3-4D87-AFEA-A80319C100F0.jpeg 4B3737FB-8F80-4077-8CA2-4FF83F7A1EB9.jpeg BA323423-C099-45C3-B096-23A6B8012E89.jpeg FDEA7569-B04B-4AB8-8455-D66920E13D8E.jpeg

Johan Nel

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Both are beautiful knives. The handle material on both knives are also great. I do like the black palm just a little more, though..:p
Well done on these knives!