Sam Eddleman, The Balislayer


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You may have seen Sam's first Balisong. It was a 3" bladed Weehawk Tanto.

I wanted a four inch bladed knife so I asked him what he was making in that size. He had two 4" Weehawks. I said I'd like a Damascus look. I looked at his other Japanese style Tantos and I found some knives that had the most amazing Carbon Fiber I have ever seen(aside from my G10/CF). I had a scimitar by 29 knives but it was too heavy to sport Carbon Fiber. We talked about what handles we could do and I wanted titanium with these scales.

This is Damascus with titanium liners, Carbon Fiber Scales and stainless fittings. The carbon fiber is a wide weave. 4" Weehawk blade at 4 ounces. That's what I'm talking about!

I call this the Balislayer!