Rust prevention

Eezox is truly spectacular stuff.

For many years I swore by RIG applied with a sheepskin wipe. Always tried the new products as they came out; kept going back to the 'ole RIG.
But the RIG didn't perform well for actions; that's why I was always trying other stuff out. You know, the combining of both lubricant and rust prevention.

I've tried the Eezox, and I'm impressed. Looks like somebody finally nailed things down.
Nice article. I personally like using VCI paper for knives and tools that may come into contact with food or Bowing T-9 for everything else. Through much researching and trail and error, I have found these two to fit my needs better than anything else.
For years now I have been using automotive paste waxes on blades, and recommending it to my customers. There's no oily residue, it doesn't draw dust/dirt, and protects/lasts MUCH longer that liquid/oil protectants. I've experimented with just about everything out there, including all of the "high dollar" waxes, and I keep coming back to the $12 per can Mother's Caranuba cleaner/wax. After giving it a test run on my favorite waterfowl gun, I now use wax on all my guns too. It's especially good on/in auto-loader shotguns during very cold weather, where oils and grease "stiffen up" and cause malfunctions. If you swab a bit of wax down a bore, then give it a good back-n-forth "buff" with a clean patch, you can get away will a lot less cleaning, especially on black powder guns.

The one drawback to the paste type waxes has always been getting it out of tiny areas...otherwise that white residue shows up. Recently I purchased a bottle of Synthetic/Polymer wax (Mother's NXT) for my new truck...and tried it on some protects great, and doesn't leave any white residue....even if you miss some spots when wiping it off.
Good info Ed... we use NXT at the shop, but I never thought about using it on knives...

Right now I am using Barricade on everything.
I have always been a proponent of WAX for knives, Scissors and firearms. I sell in my Store/shop a Brand X Liquid Wax for Hair cutting Scissors and found it to be the best for Scissors & Folder action, & Damascus protection.

I used Rain dance Auto wax for many years, Because a full can lasted about 10 years. lol
Then I came across.
Birch Casie Rifle & Gun Wax. Spelling? It's at the shop.
This product on a Knife, revolver, Auto pistol or rifle, Wood & metal, Covers Protects & Lube's fantastic.

The other great thing about Wax over Oil for Knives to guns is that oil attracks dirt & gunk and keeps it there.
The wax products do not!