Rondy Comp HAwk

Shane Wink

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I needed a hawk for a rondy last week and decided to forge one from some L6 billets I have reserved for such purposes. Its total overkill but shaving the steel off their hawks with mine is a cool and awesome feeling lol! You should have seen the look on their faces when after getting the bet money on the table and I used the hawk to shave off thin slivers of their hawks with no damage to mine! If the L6 was not so hard to move under my hammer I would have been glad to sell several of them after that but the wager that it would not cut the hawks was enough to cover my expenses lol!

The head came in just a bit lighter than most of the heads I have made but it threw well just the same. I forged too close to the center of the billet and lost the mass the billet originally had. Good news is i will just have to make a few more.

I hot cut the eye so no welding needed for the hawks construction. I do need to make a few smaller drifts to aid in forming the eye as the large one takes a lot of abuse and is cumbersome while forging these by myself. I am thinking of making a bottle jack press for pushing the drifts through the eye. If any of you have done this i am open to hear about it.