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Is 2003 when the controversial knives began to be made?

No, it's been the last year or two when all of that came to be.

I think after 2003, it seemed like there was more and more graphics on the handles which I don't care for.

Bill those would be awesome if you would just put some paint splashes across them! :unsure:
Here's a shot I took of my Daltons last year (crappy photo but its a crappy camera too!). Haven't bought anything lately, things got crazy for awhile there. But, it's what started me on the automatics. Buy Protechs too, I'll post some of those I got laying around. Still, the Dalton models were/are pretty stout and fun! They were great quality and decent price. I'd recommend one to anyone:D


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Very nice. I had a Dalton but traded it to a buddy but am getting it back tuesday in a trade. Is there a way to tell when it was made?
Thank you Bill. I will be getting the knife tomorrow and will get some pics of it. Since I posted about it in this threat I have to show pics!
Very nice collection! I'm at around 40 Daltons right now. The Huck model is one that has been the most elusive to me. I can't seem to find one anywhere!
I love the Militia Recon, carried one for awhile. And the Tank, great shape, and its stout!
I have one with Ironwood covering 3/4 of the handle, looks great on it.

Woodstock, email me about the Huck.

My meager Dalton collection. I've forgotten the names of the top 2 knives but I sort of fell in love with the bottom 2 Tanks.


The top two are what they say they are. Militia Recon. The second one has the SOG style blade. Pretty cool!2thumbs

Here's a few of my favorites.


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