Rigid rg69 bear tracker

100_4117.jpg 100_4122.jpg 100_4124.JPG 100_4130.JPG Hello everyone,,Ive have searched every forum and blade site I can,,and still cant find this RG69 hook blade,,I can find the RG68 drop point blade,,and a RG69 combat made by RIGID in japan!!!But after 4 weeks of searching still no 69,,Its like it does not exist???any comment, help,or sumthing,I cant even get a response on 3 other forums,,,,Anyone,,thanks for looking,,RH13

Rudy Joly

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It was discontinued many moons ago.
I punched in your title into Yahoo search engine...it went right to one with a guthook. I found other listings on the same page, some for e-bay.

Thanks standingbear,,I have found one on worthpoint,but you have to be a member to see info,I would love to see a pic.!!And Rudy,,the guthook and the droppoint are not the RG-69,,you may have found listings but I check e-bay every nite,maybe Im over looking it,,but thanks for all the replys and comments and I am glad to be part of this forum,,THANKS again,,your friend,,RH13