ribbon burner forge build

doug adams

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Does anyone remember seeing a ribbon burner forge tutorial where the burner came in at an angle so it would create a swirl? I saw a good one once but can not find it now.
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Doug Adams
Jn. 3:16
Doug, if you will remember when you saw my ribbon burner forge the flame comes straight down then divides and has two swirling areas, one on either side of the center. There is no need to induce a swirl, it comes naturally and in addition to that he flame is so large that it covers the entire forge.
Thanks Fred,

That is the one I believe, I don't think there are many around like that one. I looked and looked for that and could not find.

Yes I do remember Wayne, you forge ran great and really hot. I remembered seeing this other forge a long time ago and wanted to give it a look.

Jn. 3:16
I haven't posted any pics yet and haven't updated my web-site either. I have the castables for casting the burner in addition to the other products that I carry and hope to get everything updated soon. If anybody wants the castable you can e-mail me. The plans for the way I like to build a forge and for building the ribbon burner are here:
Build A Gas Forge.

Let me know how I can help you.
I know that i'm about 6 months late but if you have any questions about the forge just let me know. the burner points up at an angle and gives very even heat. I only use 3 pounds pressure and it runs over 2500 degrees.
The blower that I have is really to big. It came off a waste oil heater and I have it choked down as far as possible and also use some of the air to cool in front of the door.
We are going to try and make a ribbon burner at our hammer in this August. I'll make sure we get a lot pictures.