Review of Paul Long's Basic Pouch and advanced dvd's

Josh Dabney

I've finally had the opportunity to see Paul's dvds so I thought I'd give a little review of my impressions.

The first video is Basic Pouch Sheaths, available from USAKnifeMakers here-

IMHO this vid is a MUST HAVE !

Paul's technique for pattern making and transfer is pure genius. Presented beautifully and concisely you won't be left with a bunch of questions after the fact. While in dvd format it sure felt like sitting in Paul's shop getting a hands on lesson.

I personally enjoyed viewing the finishing techniques immensely.

Even for someone like myself with some experience under their belt will take away much in the area of more refined techniques for more professional results.

For newbie sheath makers this one should be one of the very first "TOOLS" purchased to begin this adventure.

The second vid is Advanced Blade Sheaths. Also available here-

The main highlights here are 3 piece construction technique, doing a professional inlay, and the addition of adding chevrons.

Again a superb job of teaching was done here. In real time I developed a couple questions while watching and don't ya know within a minute or two from forming my questions Paul answers them in full detail. I'm left without the need to ask questions.

Bravo and thank you for the excellent teaching Paul !!! Can't stress that enough.

I go away with a few tools to make or buy and a shopping list of supplies to add to my arsenal.

Pull the trigger on these Vids with full confidence folks ! They are a 5 star investment in your own leather bending skills

As for a Stitcher... Ohhh someday I'll have one :D


Jim Coffee

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2 thumbs up on these dvd's. I bought both and was making sheaths in no time.. everything you need to know to get started..

Paul Long

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Josh and Jim, thanks so much for the good review. I'm on the way to the store now to buy a hat seven sizes bigger than usual:biggrin:

A lot of thought went into making both those DVDs. I wanted it to be pretty much like you were in the shop with me, so we were as thorough as possible.......we thought....but wouldn't you know it several questions popped up, not necessarily what WAS in the DVD, but fast thinkers were asking a little ahead of themselves and asking a few questions about what WAS NOT in there.

Well, that's when Chris and I made the third DVD "Tips from the Master" (Chris named it...not me) It addresses all those questions and more. You are not lost if you don't have the third one, it's just icing on the cake so to speak.

Thanks again to all of you who watched and I sincerely hope benefitted form those DVDs. I'm 80 now and I'm concerned that there will be enough Master Craftsmen coming up behind Sandy, Dave (RIP), Chuck, Kenny and me. There may be half dozen I could name that are up and comers, but there needs to be more.



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I bought all three as soon as they were available and have found them to be some of the best instructional pieces I have ever had. Worth every penny and then some! Paul, I told Chris this as well, but you guys did an outstanding job on these DVD's, andit got me off to a flying start! I've wantched all three at least 10 times, and I still learn something from them every time I watch them!

Thank you again to both you and Chris for putting them together. Anyone on the fence about buying these - you don't know what you're missing!!!

Bailey Knives

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I have Paul's DVD's. At the end of one of them he mentions that if you have any questions, to give him a call. I did, and guess what...he answered. Paul is a great guy and incredibly talented. I have seen some nice sheaths, but they all seem to fall far back in comparison to Paul's.