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Doug Lester

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I just finished Kevin Cashen's video on heat treating. I can't recommend it highly enough. It answers in detail the various elements of heat treating including selection of steels and quenchants and many other issues.

Thanks for the recommendation, Doug.
Out of curiosity, do you have Dr. Larrin Thomas' book, and if so, does the video have better/more/different info or is it easier to understand?
It was the ABS production from 2010. I think that I got it through Amazon but if I'm wrong it can be had through the ABS store. I don't have Dr. Thomas' book so I can't compare the video with it.

Might have to grab that one too. I really enjoyed his 1080/1084 video and learned a lot from it. You can also get it from his website,
The 1084 DVD is not just purely about 1084, there is a solid foundation of Metallurgical terminology and concepts that apply to many steels and the content is well edited and worth many, many watches.

There are some extremely valuable "tid bits" in that DVD you would be hard pressed to find anywhere especially in a easy to digest format without having details dumbed down.
Thank you, Doug! This came out while I was off in sickland and oblivious. Ordered! I'll always sit for an hour to listen to Kevin teach.