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Found this description on the web. I was very surprised.

"1095 High Carbon Tool Steel is also referred to as, “Cutlery Spring Steel”, and is well known for its use in manufacturing commercial saw blades. This extreme high carbon steel hones to a razor sharp edge (better than any stainless steel), retains its edge (better than most stainless steels), and is easier to sharpen, (compared to stainless steel). This steel is often used to manufacture car springs, rail road spikes, and hand tools."

Can anyone shed light on the veracity of this statement with regard to the last sentence?

Chris Railey

OK its kind of funny that I thought the tittle was about you receiving my KITH knife. I cannot help with the statement above.


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This steel is often used to manufacture car springs, rail road spikes, and hand tools."
Pretty obvious that is somebody trying to prop them self/their product up. In other words, they have no clues of what they speak. Not much different then the site I stumbled across a while back..... where they use "Only the highest quality A36 Hot Roll steel for our blades". :rolleyes:


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Let me know if this gets you there. It's not a direct link.

C Craft

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Well someone has a lot of money to throw at the internet! Too bad they didn't hire a better more informed spokesman. After all once you get past the smell anyone can sell horse manure!!

1095 may be easier to sharpen that some SS but, that doesn't make it better! Their is a trade off between high carbon and SS! That is the only thing I read in their opening statement that may be true!! I heard it said somewhere you have only the first paragraph to grab the customer, so use it well. I think they missed!

However this is the dark side of misinforming venues today!!

Justin W.

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I thought that the steel used to make files was supposed to be like 1095 but that chart says they are commonly made from aeb-l