Rawhide sheath tutorial

Great tutorial !

You sure did a great job on this tutorial ! Very thorough and detailed with your explainations. I wouldn't hesitate to give rawhide a go armed only with this info. Kudos to you my friend 2thumbs

Thanks guys. I have seen at least 10 sheaths that people have made using this tutorial as a starting point. I would have loved to have had something like this when I was starting out, as opposed to several years of figuring it out on my own!

John, great tutorial you have here! John passes on information gathered over more than 7 years of making these rawhide sheaths. In this tutorial, John shows all phases of construction, plus different methods of attachment of the horse hair, tin cones & beads all on one sheath.
Working the rawhide included softening, coloring/antiqueing & sealing, plus fitting & stitching the rawhide over a heavy leather sheath base. John uncovered many "secrets" of making the leather sheath base & shows all the tools needed for this project being used at combat speed. He shows the when/where/& how to combine all these materials & gave credit to several noted rawhide sheath makers, as well as the many sources he uses for everything from the leather & rattlesnake buttons to the period correct beads & brass tacks. Thanks, John! Boxer Bill..........:running dog:
Knife and Sheath

This is my first post. I made my first sheath so I am posting a photo of it to see what you guys think!.

I hope the photo link works!

This is a photo of a "Green River Works" Sheep Skinner Knife I put handles on. But the sheath with it is my first attempt at sheath making. I studied John's tutorial and set out after it. I made this with cow rawhide, copper tacks, copper cones, horse hair and some beads I got on line. I need better beads! Went to Canton Texas this past weekend to the large flee market and hit the jack pot on beads. Got some old trade beads of all kinds. Started another knife blade today so that maybe this weekend I will be ready to try another sheath. I learned a lot making this first one.

I enjoy making the handles for the knives. But I loved making this sheath. Gave it to an employee to say thanks for doing such a good job last week. He is putting it in a display case! Everyone at worked loved both the knife and sheath! Tell me what you think if you will please!
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