Rare and Beautiful Diamond Willow Burl Damascus Hunting Knife

HHH Knives

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Red Hawk Hunter, By HHH Knives.
HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration.
OAL, 8 1/2 inches HHH Damascus 3 3/4" cutting edge handle. 3/16 thick tapered tang with convex grind blade. Damascus was forged by Randy Jr.. And is called Zebra..

Handles are stabilized Diamond willow burl. Not only is it beautiful, But its as RARE as a diamond. Dont believe me?? Do a Google search for Daimond Willow burl. The stuff is almost impossible to find! I have a VERY limited supply of this burl and when its gone, I may never find any more! :(
No matter how nice it looks here, in the hand its just BEAUTIFUL! Natural color and figure on the figure! There are a few small inclusions an this handle, Its been professorially stabilized so its nothing that will every become a problem.. but I wanted to let the buyer know, so theres no surprises.. Its been hand sanded to 1200g and has 6 coats of hand rubbed finish.
3/16th inch 416 Stainless pins, with stainless lanyard tube..
Custom leather hand tooled sheath By CT included.
250.00 delivered to US.. I will ship overseas, Please contact for sipping quote.
This one wont last long! First Ill take it gets it


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Beautiful Randy! Really well done.
It is tough when they hang around so long,
at least you didn't have a chance to get attached?
Well Thanks Cal, Thats very nice of you to say!

Yep, This one didnt last long Dozier! :) Thanks for the coments on it!