Railey's KITH Really Came!


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After Chris's response to my "REALLY!!" post, I couldn't resist the title. ;)
Let me start by saying thank you to Chris, I got lucky and received the one thing I can't make in a fixed blade knife myself, a hamon!
I'm going to use Chris's pic because as you all have learned, my picture taking abilities are horrible.
And here is a pic I took of the knife in it's sheath
I'll start with the sheath
This style sheath was an excellent choice for this style knife, the knife is very secure, no worries of it falling out accidentally and paired together, are aesthetically pleasing, a good match. The edges are clean and the stitching is very uniform. Good job Chris.

The Knife
I love the blade shape, and I will stea--,er borrow, that shape if you don't mind Chris.

The plunge lines are crisp, even on both sides, and the fade near the spine is as it should be. Also, the edge is well centered side to side and the choil is well sized and placed. As I hold the knife looking down on the blades edge, where the edge meets the choil, and meets the plunge line and ricasso, the two sides are well executed and are mirror images of each other (well done, Chris, that's a tough area to get "right").
For some, the finger guard might appear to be over-sized. To me, on this knife, it works.
The scales are a rich colored walnut with just the right amount of gloss/shine, accenting the well placed copper pins. The scale's shape is very comfortable in the hand and the knife is well balanced. The only thing I might suggest for these scales would be to have a bit more fade where the front of the scales meet the ricasso, making the knife enter the sheath easier, and not possibly catch the mouth of the sheath on entry.
The knife edge is sharp and I love the gentle satin sheen on the blade.
All I need is a set of buckskins and I'd have me a Cadillac of a skinning knife to roam the wilds with.
Nicely done, thank you very much, I look forward to watching your knives over time!

REALLY!! I got THIS nice knife?! I'm a lucky guy!

Chris Railey

Thank you for the kind words sir I am humbled. I really like adding the Gun Kote to the blade because even though its 1084 it will not rust (except on the thin cutting edge). IMO it gives you the ease of care like stainless but the performance of high carbon. In a skinner it rules because the animal fat will not stick to the blade and aggravate you while you work.


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Chris - you did a good job, and the stitching on that sheath is so even. Something I have a hard time with getting all the holes spaced equally.