Radical Clip Ambrosia Maple & Damascus Fighter


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This is one just finished for a customer in North Carolina. This one is 1084 and 15n20 damascus. The pattern was made by pressing S dies into a lower layer count W's pattern and then the highs ground off then forged out to shape. The handle is Ambrosia Maple cut on the end grain that is very appealing. The spacer is Black Ash burl and black g10. The guard is forged to shape 416 stainless silver. The top clip is hand sanded down to a zero edge and very sharp as it is. The blade shape has people either loving or hating it with strong feelings from both sides. This was made to the customers specs. He wanted something to carry for self defense and he is very happy with it. The sheath is 8-9oz. Wickett & Craig leather made by me. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for looking. -Burton Harruff




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My thoughts are that you built the blade to the customers spec's and whatever anyone else thinks doesn't matter!:biggrin:

Excellent work on all of it! I really like the Damascus and the handle.