Quetzal : Straight Razor 6/8 with spyderhole


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The Quetzalcoaltus : Quetzal will be easier to memorize (it's a flying dinosaur from the pterosaurs family ).

That is dinosaur in 115W8, 810°c hardening, two tempering to 170°c.
8 cm sharp, for a 6/8, 5,5 mm thick to the back. The Spyderhole licensed by Spyderco is more for the design that for something else on that one, but i enjoy the look. Quarter hollow grind, and Carbon Fiber spacer.

The scale are in TA6V4, dark gold/bronze heat anodisation. I gave the edge on a steel plate with a 500 grit belt, after that, Jap Stone 1000-3000, Chinese Stone 8000, Dragons tongue 10K, and Chinese Stone 12K. After 0,5 diamond past and some leather :D

I'm happy by the look, by the shaving and the combination scale / Blade. I have a lot of other idea of straight for the futur :D