Question on when to add your Makers Mark

Nick Riggi

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I wanted to ask when most of you add your mark- prior to or after handle fit up. I have seen it and done it myself both ways. There are pros and cons to both in my opinion. Just looking for feedback/advice.

Motor City Mike

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I etch and on fixed blades I do it before gluing and pinning the handles.

I've tried it after but etching requires some sanding afterwards and if the handle is already on it's almost impossible to avoid "j" hooks at the handle where I start the sandpaper.

Obviously on folders it's a nonissue because the blade can be separated from the handle at any time.

However I'm interested in how and when others do it.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
If it's an etched mark, I do it after the knife is completed/finished. I think the location of where you place the mark can plan a role..... Personally, when I etch a mark, it's on the blade, forward of the ricasso. If you're marking the ricasso, that makes a difference on when it's applied.
Most of my blades are stamped.....and that is done when thermal cycling, just prior to hardening/quenching.


For me it's the step before final sharpening after everything is completed. I also etch on the blade, so sanding isn't as big an issue

BossDog & Owner
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Just before sharpening so I am comfortable putting my name on it.