Question about pigment in epoxy


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What do you guys use to pigment your 2 part epoxies? Anything to stay away from? I've seen some stuff online, just wondered if there was anything commonly used.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
My personal favorite is the dry pigment from K&G.......I dislike the liquid types......I've found they sometimes cause curing issues. I've also seen some of the really el-cheapo stuff change colors upon curing.

Rudy Joly

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Chalk line chalk.
White , red, blue and black are readily available at hardware or big box stores. I've been using it for umpteen years, it mixes well and it's cheap.

***Umpteen is a highly technical term meaning many***


Dan Pierson

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Glass enamel powder, which also serves as tiny spacers to help prevent squeezing out too much of the epoxy.

It does help that my wife is an enamel artist...


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Testors model paint. Just the tip of a toothpick worth of black will successfully darken epoxy for filling filework, etc.

Erin Burke

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I use Acraglas epoxy for my handles, and the only dye that I mix with it is the black Acraglas stuff that Brownells sells. It takes incredibly little dye (just a speck on the end of a toothpick) to dye a hidden-tang mix jet black. Cool stuff.


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I for one preffer the liquid colorants that Bossdog sells here over the powders from K&G.

I think its a matter of the quality of the colorant and if it's for using with epoxy? Not all dry or liquids are created equal.

Buy a small amount and see what you like?



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The power pigments from hobby lobby work great and cost very little. you can get any color and works on epoxy and the gel super glue as well. You just have to use it quick if you color super glue.
I have been using it for 20 years and I bought a 5.00 jar of each red, black, blue, green then and still have a lot.
Can't go wrong and easy to get.