Proud Papa!


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Boy, get a 4 day weekend and it has been busy, well for the first 2 days anyway.
Have an AKA get-together Thursday night and Murph is going to make it. Finally get to meet him, we are planning on being there 4ish before the meeting starts. Get a call from Murph and he’s a couple of hours out. Perfect, we had a new dryer delivered and I’m hooking it up, plenty of time. What I didn’t know is that my much better half had a pantry cabinet for me to install next to the washer and dryer, so I finally made it about 5:30. Had a good time as always. Oh, Never been fond of the style of knife that Murph carries, but after handling it I really like it. I could see me carrying it and using the heck out of it.

Spent half of Friday in the car only to come home with this.
Meet the new member to our pack, Buddy. A 7 week old German Shepard

I think I'll see what he thinks of the vacuum cleaner now.


German Shepherd Dog
He's a cutie.
Buddy's looks a little tired like you.

My wife would like some pictures when the ears start leaning to the middle trying to
stand up, she calls them teepee ears. Have you had GSD's before? We're really sold
on them.

Thanks for sharing.


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Good looking dog

He's a good looking puppy, I love German Shepard dogs, they are magnificent animals.

Sadly my dog Uri, passed away after a freak accident 4 months ago. I still miss him.



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Thanks guys.

Murph hope your better-half is feeling better.

My better-half has had them most all of her life. She had to put her last one down about 10 years ago and she has wanted to get another and decided it was time.
Pics no problem, PM me your e-mail and you will get them. Sent me a mailing address and I’ll try to get some more passes for the show in February. Maybe that will get you down here.

Uri is gorgeous, uh handsome.
My wife still misses TJ even after 10 years. You’ll find another when you’re ready.

Buddy has already fit in with the other 2 dogs, and the cat, quite well.


Prince of Peace

German Shepard's are unreal. They are so smart and can understand such a wide variety of the human language that it is almost creepy.
I've owned two in my life and both were my true devoted friends.

They really are members of your family.

Great dogs,well done!