Problem with stainless envelope

Wayne Bensinger

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Hi all,
I had a peculiar situation last evening while hardening a piece of 154cm. I believe I went to high on my temp- instead of going to 1850', I went to 1950'. The biggest problem I had was that the stainless envelope stuck fairly hard to the blade, although I did manage to get it off. Can anyone tell me what the overheating did to the steel, if anything? Also, I'm sure my Rockwell hardness is different now, so at what temp should I be tempering? Thanks guys.

The good thing is that you can heat treat 154 at 1950F..... just shorten the "soak". My methodology for CPM154 is equalizing soak, then to 1950F for 20mins.... and a plate quench. I feel cryo is necessary with CPM154..... I temper 2x at 650F. Likely nothing is wrong with your blade(s).

The reason the foil stuck is very likely due to the foil composition..... some foils are only good to 1800F, and others are good up to 2300F.
Thanks Ed, I thought I'd be ok. I also thought I bought 2100' envelope material, guess not, lol. So is cpm154 the same as 154cm.
A little talcum powder sprinkled on the blade will keep the foil from sticking. I buy the big bottles of cheap baby powder and they last for years. The talc is just crushed rock and wont burn.
Talc powder helps with the sticking and reduces the heat treat patina a bit.