Pretty in Pink

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    The first time I saw this design, it was a picture of a flint knapped knife that was dated 160,000 years ago, and had the exact same profile as this one. It's hung around, I've seen the same, or similar knives in pics/paintings that date over the centuries. This modern version I call the Scotia Belt Knife(I live on the Scotia Barrens of Central PA), and is a bit smaller than my usual version to accommodate smaller hands. The steel is 3/32 inch CPM154CM, the blade length is 4 inches(tip to plunge), and the OAL is 9 inches. The handle slabs are some of Pat Ankrom's Norwegian Pine Cone castings, copper bolster and the usual mosaic pins. It sold rather quickly.



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    NICE! Love the handle choice! Impeccable work!

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