My husband Eddie White and I send our very deepest sympathy. We pray for your wife, we pray for you. May God bless and keep you, and may you find comfort and rest in His loving and guiding arms.
Mere words will never express the sympathy I feel for you. May God be with you and your wife.

Bryce Eller
OMG Ken!! I am so sorry!!! That is awful. Prayers sent to you!! HUGS to you.
I talk to God all the time, Ken. Believe me... He will give your wife a place in Heaven. My condolences to you, sir.
Sir, my condolences. I have learned very quickly that the folks here at KnifeDogs are nothing but good folks. They have lifted my wife and our family up in our time of need. I am very very sorry for your loss, as I can't imagine nor express.

deepest sympathy,
Mr. Hurst - So sorry for your loss. I will pray for your wife, you and your family. My God bless and comfort you and may your wife rest in peace in the care of our savior.
Ken, I've been on the road and just heard this sad news. I am so very sorry for your loss. Our family is sincerely praying for yours during this time.