Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

Bruce McLeish

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Mr. Craft,
I had both chemo and immune therapy for a period of 6 months in a battle against hep-c that I got from a patient while I was volunteer firefighter. A very tough 6 months. I came through it completely cured. Hang in there , Cathy. You may feel like crap at times, but the thearpy does, in fact work. Keep on praying, as I will for you.


I haven't made an update in a while. We were kind of enjoying the off time after Kathy finished her chemo and radiation. She started her first treatment of immune therapy. If your interested here is some reading on it!

Her doctor described it this way. Chemo is designed to go after anything that is fast moving, such as cancer cells. They are constantly trying to move to another area in a quest for blood to feed the rapidly growing cancer cells.

Where as the immune therapy specifically targets the immune system and the bodies own ability to fight foreign bodies such as the cancer cells! So immune therapy is specifically designed to hunt the cancer cells down and destroy them. That is a very dumbed down explanation but it lets you know what the idea is about!!

He was then first oncologist in our area to use immune therapy after chemo and he has had real good results. Immune therapy does not work on all types of cancer. We have a friend who also has lung cancer and his doctor had not made a recommendation for immune therapy. My wife's oncologist said that could be because of the type of lung cancer he has or could be that he doesn't know a lot about it. It is fairly new but the wins Vs the losses when it is used has been of a very high ratio of wins. Also it has less side effects than regular chemo!!

The second day after her first treatment seemed to hit her like and oncoming cold or such. The next day she was really worn down but it has now turned around as the bodies immune system kicks in to fight it!

Everyone, we do appreciate the prayers and good wishes. Had it not been for our faith, we would not have made it. There have been days when she would make two steps forward and three back. I get on here and show her the posts from y'all and it seems to lift her up that there are so many folks pulling for her some she doesn't even know! God does indeed move in mysterious ways!
We have friends going through cancer treatments, too. I remember to pray for you and your wife as I pray for them.


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Just wanted to say I miss you and I have been thinking about all of you guys here on the forum. I hope things are getting better for you and your wife. Health is such a valuable and fragile commodity and yet so many take it for granted. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Godspeed brother.

C Craft

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I haven't updated in a while and I wish it was better news! She had a PET scan on Tuesday of this week. We went to the Cancer Clinic yesterday to get the results and to see if they would continue with the immune therapy treatments she is currently taking.

Due to the Covid 19 virus I was not allowed into the facility this time. Don't get me wrong because I do understand what they are trying to do. It would have been nice if they had called us too let us know what was going on. Instead of arriving and learning at the screening at the door that only patients were allowed in! We had a moment that I had to catch myself. When they told me I couldn't go in. I told them she could not get around without help. The lady said, in a sarcastic voice maybe you didn't hear me you can not go in. I turned to her and told her, perhaps you did not hear me. She can not get around without assistance, and whether you like it or not I am going to place her in that wheel chair!

The really bad part of this was I was not there when they gave her bad news. Not really ready to talk about it, so for now I will leave it at that! Also since we had not made provisions for the new rule. I would have had no idea for 3 1/2 hrs what was going on!! No way to contact her and she was not able to contact me. Our daughter works at the same Cancer Clinic. I did not know she was working yesterday. So when my wife finally got to see her while they were doing her treatment our daughter shot me a text as to what was going on!

We are supposed to see a pulmonologist and they will conduct another bronchoscopy to aid in deciding as to what is all going on and to use in formulating a new treatment plan!

In this world of a "new normal" it really sucks when you can't be with your family in times of need! I guess it is truly the truth in the saying of, no matter how bad you have it you can always find someone who has it worse! My thougths and prayers go out to those who have friends and family caught up in the Covid 19 virus!

Please continue praying for my wife. I truly to believe in the power of prayer!!


Sean Jones

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Prayers for your wife Cliff. I think that not being able to be there when bad news is given makes it hard on everyone. Hang in there.


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Bummer Cliff - I didn't leave a "like" to your post to acknowledge I'd read it because the news isn't good at all. I know it was hard to make the post, but am so glad you did. My prayers are for you and your wife.

Ken H>

Bill Hubbell

Cliff- so sorry to hear of all your struggles- both you and your wife, and all your family! I too truly believe in the power of prayer and my wife and I are praying for all of you. It’s so hard when God doesn’t answer our prayers as we want, and you can’t find the ‘sense’ in what is occurring. When we lost our 24 year old daughter and our first grandchild (19 month old Maddie), and our daughters unborn son Micah, all in a car wreck, I came to a point about a year later when a storm of anger burst out- anger I didn’t even know I was harboring. But after that brash, blasphemous tirade, I came to one decision- I knew I had to acknowledge that only God is God, and He is sovereign and our only true hope. Keep calling on His name Cliff. Share your heart openly and honestly with Him. You are human and can’t fix everything, even though you sound like an amazing mate. My heart goes out to all of you, and can only imagine how hard it must be. You sound like an amazing husband and so very loving of your wife. I’m sure when she is thinking straight, she greatly appreciates having you by her side through all this. God bless you Chris, and we will be keeping you before the Father. Thx for keeping us updated. Bill

C Craft

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Guys I post this, in some ways a heavy heart and in some ways a wave of relief came over me with this. My wife has decided to quit fighting the cancer! She has signed up with Hospice and for the time she has left. She will not hurt! They take no measures to fight the cancer but commit to keeping the patient pain free!

Now to some the wave of relief comment seems highly odd I am sure! But the first time we have a path. No more radiation, no more chemo and no more fighting with doctors to keep her easy. They also take care of her medicine related to the cancer! We already have so much debt all I can do is make payments!

Which ever of us passes first, the other will not be able to keep the house. So they will be left pretty much with very little! If I am left, I will loose the house and shop! I hate to loose my tools that I have worked all my life to acquire. How ever they are just possession's. We have over the past years of her illness with the TM 12 years now, the cancer and my back injuries had to dip into every source of money we possibly had. Over time it has drained everything!

However I still have my faith. I told the good Lord the other night that I have often wondered why he had kept me around. In my lifetime I have should have died many times over! Now I know, it was to be here for my wife of 42 years, when she needs me the most!!

I thank all you mugs for the good thoughts and prayers. Believe me when I say that prayer and my beliefs is pretty much what I have been living on for sometime!!

I do appreciate all that I have learned on these forums and bar none this forum has been the best I have ever been on!! I probably will not be on much. However may try if the chance presents itself to finish a few knives I have in the shop and underway. If I do I will post the results. I may stop by to chew the fat now and again, with you guys!!

To those of you who are dealing with your job loss, from Covid 19 virus. My heart goes out for you, I truly do understand what you are going thru and for those who may have lost friends and loved ones, you are in my prayers!!! Hang in there and don't forget you have a friend in the Lord and he is always ready to listen no matter the time of day!! He may not talk back much but he is a great listener, and every once in a while I don't know exactly how he does answer me and I can see things very clearly at those moments!!

Sean Jones

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I'm sad to hear this Cliff, but I understand the relief. When my Mother was put on Hospice we all knew it was only a matter of time. But she rested peacefully during that time. No more pain. Considering everything you have mentioned it sounds like you both made the right decision.

I'll pray for you both.