Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

C Craft

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To all of our friends, members of my wife's prayer group, and all that have just joined us in prayer! I have known the results of my wife's pet scan since, early yesterday.
I guess some how not talking about it, somehow would make it be not true. But there is a part of me that knows it is very true! The pet scan came back and she has lung cancer. The only good thing is doesn't seem to be spread and perhaps we caught it early!

She goes in Friday for a needle biopsy. This will let them know what kind of cancer it is and they will decide the best form of treatment, base on that and the results of the pet scan!

When I first heard the news, it was like getting punched in the gut and it knocked all of the air out of me!! Now I am just numb.

Please let me say one more thing! If you smoke please quit! I quit myself years ago. However I could never get her to stop! I wish I had never seen the first cigarette. I would most likely not have had a quadruple bypass and she would not be where she is at!!
Please continue to pray for my lovely wife! She is being brave but, I know the news is tuff for her!! Cliff


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I'm sorry to hear that. You guys sound like my grandparents' story. My grandpa stopped smoking in his 40's, but twenty years of harping on her couldn't get her to stop. She stopped cold turkey the day they told her stage 4 lung cancer...

I'll be asking Jesus to heal and restore her, and for your strength and sound mind during this time. Good bless you both.

C Craft

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Here is a recommendation from myself. If you find yourself in need of a pulmonologist I would not recommend the one at SRMC. I have been warned not to use his name as I could be sued, so if you want to know,...…..

Once again he has failed us. The two areas he did supposedly biopsy and also done a wash on came back negative for cancer.
When in fact he never preformed a needle biopsy only a wash. The oncologist we have now said that the wash could have become contaminated on the way in too the lung. Without a needle biopsy the wash is little to go on.

The pet scan showed those two areas he declared were negative for cancer are in fact malignant! This explains why the same areas he said were negative, glowed on the pet scan!! I swear I don't think the man ever knew WTH he was doing. Had we not done the pet scan we would have proceeded under the assumption that there was no cancer and there is no telling how far it would have progressed before we found out!!

Doug Lester

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You can't believe how very sorry I am to hear your news. I've worked in health care for all my working days and I know his type all too well.


C Craft

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They did the needle biopsy today on my wife. The first time they went center mass of the tumor and drew two samples. Both of which came back as necrotic tissue!

A necrotic tumor is a tumor that has one or more areas of dead tissue, usually related to growth beyond the tumor's blood supply. In short the tumors grows so fast that it has outgrown the blood supply to keeping it alive. This does not mean the tumor is dead, it will spread outward and take more live tissue for it's blood supply! This is what makes some tumors so fast growing.

The doctor went back after the lab said, both samples were necrotic and pulled two more samples as close to the outside of the tumor as he could! One of those came back necrotic and the other came back with live cells. They will have to do a full examination of those live cells to see if they can tell the type of cancer and how to proceed with treatment! Our hope is that they got enough live cells to do this!!

So since it is a holiday weekend it will be at least Tue. or Wed. or later, before we get results on those live cells! This is where I have to say thank you to my daughter. Had she not worked at the cancer clinic and the fact she knows the doctors and she has asked them to expedite this whole procedure. We would still be waiting for them to schedule the pet scan. Getting the pet scan so quick and needle biopsy all in the same week. Our daughter is directly responsible for making this happen as quickly as it has!!

It seems that you hurry up and wait. I told someone the other day, every minute seems like an hour, every hour like a day, and every day like a lifetime!

Sean Jones

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Cliff, while not the most desirable outcome it sounds like they are at least finally making some progress.

I understand the hurry up and wait part...and then the endless waiting. I went through that with my wife's emergency surgery last year.

It sounds like your daughter is a real blessing. It's good that she was able to help you.

Hang in there and prayers sent.


it will be at least Tue. or Wed. or later, before we get results on those live cells!
Cliff, how long does it take to get the results since the laboratory gets the biopsy? In my case (testicular cancer) I had to wait 2 weeks for the results and I couldn't believe it took so long to get them.

C Craft

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We got the results back on the needle biopsy Wednesday! Had it not been for our daughter, there is no way this all would have happened this fast! Our daughter said she deals with cancer every day but, when it comes home to you.........…!

My wife has lung cancer, squamous cell, stage 3A! She will receive radiation every day Monday thru Friday, and Chemo once a week for 6 weeks! Please continue to pray for her. This next 6 weeks will be the fight!

I will be in and out for a while guys. Sometimes it just helps to come here and loose the rest of the world around me!!

Raymond Richard

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Cliff, Sorry to read about all the turmoil you and your wife have had to go through. At least now you know what the problem is. I'll be praying that the treatments that you mentioned will all go smoothly and that the sickness that usually follows the therapy will be minimal. I'll be praying for you also.

C Craft

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They put the wife multi-port in today. They will start chemo and radiation next week probably!! This is getting to be too real!! Please continue to pray for her!