Positive feedback

Gruff, you have been and continue to be one of my inspirations. Your no-nonsense approach to making, and the dedication you show to the craft have, in no small way, influenced my skills. You are one of the reasons that I continually try to step up my game. Congratulations, you deserve the recognition, great job!!!
Thanks guys, humbled by your response. The reason I put up the post was more in the way of a comment on our knives in the field. Much our our posting is on the WIP or simply the finished knife and I thought it may broaden our community conversations to show the results of them in actual use. Having feedback on their edge holding as well as field use comfort and usability is a very reassuring confidence builder that we are doing something that suits our intent when we sit down and design a knife. It is always more than the visual on paper or the photogenics of a posed finished knife which means nothing unless it will perform up to and beyond the owners expectations. So many of them who buy our knives have used and been dissapointed by "store bought" and it justifies the price they pay when the knife exceeds their previous experiences with knives.
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