Plans for building your own heat treating oven

Discussion in 'Heat Treating Forum on KnifeDogs' started by BossDog, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. BossDog

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    Plans for building your own heat treating oven

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  2. A.W.Stovall

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  3. Gahagan

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    What does the cost usually come out to to make something like this ?
  4. A.W.Stovall

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    Depends on how cheap your able to get everything, I got some of my steel and all of my bricks free, so
    mine is gonna be pretty cheap, 2 or 3 hundred probably, but buying everything I say 3-5 hundred, but on the up side you can build it whatever size you want,
  5. Pieter

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    Thank you very much BossDog
  6. calharkins

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    I can't get the link to work. it tries to download attachment_2. pmp
  7. Seth Howard

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    It is an Adobe file. You can download Adobe Reader free from the Adobe site.

  8. Seth Howard

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    I purchased everything new and went with a programmable PID controller. Mine cost just a bit over $300. Little over $100 for the bricks, $25 for the prewound Kanthal wire, around $125 for the PID and Thermocouple and the rest on sheet metal for the shell.

  9. Dan Seaver

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    Thanks for posting that bossdog!
  10. roughcountry

    roughcountry Well-Known Member

    Thanks Boss, time to start gathering material.
  11. marthinus

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    WOW! Thanks for the info!
  12. DLBrothers

    DLBrothers Well-Known Member

    I built mine a couple years ago with these exact same plans. One thing I have learned is that you cannot put the two ends of the coil close together (220v coil). The photos seem to show only an inch or so- put them farther apart and be sure the insulation between is intact. If you don't, when you get it up to 1900 or so, you may hear and see this Whooshing flash and smoke when the ends short out and burn up an element - yea I peed myself a little bit..... I ended up spreading mine out about 4 inches (had to move them to the side) and covered them both with high temp satanite. Since then, I've had no more problems.
  13. Pieter

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    Thank you very much for this info.
  14. chucktilbury

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    This should be a "sticky" thread, IMHO.
  15. Vance C.

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    thank god for this thread, although i have too many projects (who doesnt) this one gets real high priority, and it just so happens my dad is an electrician, so he can help me out!

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