Piggyback sheath

Discussion in 'Knife Sheaths' started by J.Leclair, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. J.Leclair

    J.Leclair Well-Known Member

    Just finished this set and decided to do a piggyback sheath. I had never tried one before but I think it came out good.
    Thanks for looking
  2. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    I like it! Nice way to keep the set together.
  3. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland KNIFE MAKER

    Nicely done. This is a difficult sheath to make . . . and yours looks just right.

  4. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    My hats off to ya! It's no secret that my least favorite part of knifemaking is leatherwork......and making a "piggyback" sheath that actually functions is generally a tough job.......but you pulled that one off very nicely!
  5. J.Leclair

    J.Leclair Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I as well don't really enjoy the leather work but it's deffinately getting easier with practice.
    Thanks again for the kind words guys
  6. leatherman

    leatherman Sheath Forum Moderator

    Well done! I like it!
  7. TacticallySharp

    TacticallySharp KNIFE MAKER

    I'm the rare one here. Since I started in leathercraft, I enjoy it.

    Very nicely crafted!
  8. stabber

    stabber Knife Dealer Extraordinaire

    Nice work
  9. billyO

    billyO Member

    I like it, and really like the Damascus patterns. (and I'm another one who found out that I enjoy the leather work too...)
  10. Chef Niloc

    Chef Niloc Well-Known Member

    Very nice work! I do a lot of multi blade sheaths, that's a good looking one you made there
  11. kidterico

    kidterico KNIFE MAKER

    Nice work. KT

    NEILYEAG Active Member

    What is the scale material, very interesting.
  13. toolsteelcalifornia

    toolsteelcalifornia Well-Known Member

  14. JawJacker

    JawJacker Well-Known Member

    Great job, like the handle material.
  15. J.Leclair

    J.Leclair Well-Known Member

    Handle material is stabilized, dyed blue and purple, maple burl

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