passed my JS test


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I have not posted on here in a while even though I have been lurking around checking out other people post. I have been busy on orders and working on my JS test knives for blade. I am happy to say I passed along with many other talented makers. I will post up pics of my JS test set when the images come back from Coop.
Nice job.
Stephan Fowler also got his stamp. That's all I heard.
Congrats again! It was nice meeting you and talking about your experiences leading up to testing and submitting your knives.
I didn't get a chance, but wanted to shake your hand and congratulate you! I always try to get around and see everyone who tested/passed.....but this year I missed a few! Kudos to you.... its one of those things that only those who have been through it can fully understand the time, effort, and the simple mental stress that goes into it! Now....get busy and get started on those MS knives! :)
Thanks everyone here is a picture of the set I took. Apparently Coops pics wont be in for 2 weeks.