Oven Controllers


I’m looking at a HT oven (probably a Jen-Ken) and wondering if it’s worth the $$ to pay for the controller upgrades.

What do y’all have? Does anybody have one of the 3 button outfits?
After getting some input here, I went with the TAP and like it. Specifically the ability to save multiple programs for different steels. Is it worth it? Hard to say, this is my first one.
I have the Jen-Ken 21" airbath and went with the 3 button controller. I'm sure the other controllers are better or have more opotions, but I get along fine with the 3 button. I decided to upgrade to solid state instead of the more expensive controller.
I've got an EvenHeat with the low end controller with only 4 memories. I've not seen a problem with not having many memories - heck, I can't remember what I've got in each memory anyway, so scroll thru the settings to look which are easily changed as needed. I can change settings faster than I can find the paper I wrote down the memory settings.

Now, that TAP controller with WiFi would be neat {g}
i have an old paragon front door kiln that works good with a special Foote controller. the power cord runs through a foot switch and when the temp is where i want it, i use the Foote controller to turn power off and on till done. I can keep the inside of the kiln +/- 25 F which is ok for most carbon steels. if you are only working with carbon steel, the most basic controller should do.
I also have a Lindberg 51442 lab furnace which will maintain +/- 5 F. I got mine on sale for $99.99. normal list is $5900.