Our Thanks and Gratitude!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
I've been trying to find the words to say Thank You, every since I learned that everyone here on Knife Dogs were putting on a benefit raffle for my family and I....and anything that I can come up with just seems so feeble. We are simply overwhelmed at the caring, generosity, and the love. From the beginning it was obvious to me that the folks here on Knife Dogs were a different breed, and I'm so very thankful!
I want say a personal "Thank You"! to each and every individual who participated and made this possible. Special thanks to my dear friend Dana Hackney. To Jeff, Tracy, Bill, and any others who made the whole thing work.

I don't mind saying that when we saw what everyone was doing for my family and I, my wife and I just cried.
To say I feel unworthy is an understatement. I've always tried to make it my policy to help anyone I can, in whatever way I can, and never expect anything in return......then a Blessing of this magnitude comes along and leaves me in awe.
I am truly Blessed, and have so much to be Thankful for this Holiday.

Thank you All!! God Bless and Keep you.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too:)
I probably speak for most here in stating we are all grateful for immense amount of tutoring and sharing of techniques you have given all these years.Contributing a little money to a fallen hero of the knife world is the least we can do in return.
Ditto. Glad we could help out in any way, small though it was. Thanks for your inspiration, guidance, and advice to knifemakers through the years. You and others with the same level of experience are helping to perpetuate this great craft and make sure that those who are "coming up" are doing so with an advantage and in the proper direction.

Thank you, happy Thanksgiving, and God bless for a fast recovery.

I believe the greatest advantage we have as a "knife community" is our ability and willingness to help our "Family". Regardless of what we each have a need for, those who are in a position and have the ability or knowledge to do so are always willing to help. The knowledge which you have shared is a treasure to those of us who are eager to learn.

Thank you, Sir.
Ed my friend it was a honor to help you out, I wish I could have done more. You are always so eager help any of us anytime we ask even though you may have answered the same question the day before. You are a true Southern Gentleman, even if you do live way up north. From Jeanne and myself have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you Ed, you have given so much to people. We could never repay you for everything that you have done, the help you give freely. Just get well so we can all benefit from each other. Thanks again,

I dont think you realize what a treat it is as a new maker to have an acomplished maker take his time to personally answer a question or help with a problem. This was just a time for all of us you have helped to give a little back. God speed to you and your family.

Ed, I think it was all yours any way because you've been paying ahead for years. God Bless the Caffreys! Heal well my friend.
Bruce and Kaye
I don't know who said it, but Ive always believed "Good things happen to good folks"

Cant think of a more deserving person.

Hope you and yours have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Your still in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless
I have to agreee with Bruce. The amount of knowlege I've gained from you in the forums has helped me in more ways than I can count. Take care and get well soon!
Good cause with a handful of fun and suspense. I appreciate the generous donations and the crack team of moderators that made for some lively auctions. Seems safe to say the attention is well deserved.

Take care, Craig