Our May WIP give-a-way WINNER

Josh Dabney

Here are the entries and results of our May Give-A-Way folks-

#1 A-non-matching-pair-of-knives-WIP=LiamLynch-3-12-2013
#2 DIY-no-weld-Belt-buff-disc-exitium-4-22-2013
#3 Brass-Bolsters-VIDEO-Mike-Carter-5-14-2013

My Apologies for being a little late to the game for picking the winner this month fellas. Was away most of the weekend unfortunately not at the Bladeshow, lol.

Back to business... The Minnesota Pick 3 for 6-1-2013 is 8-6-3

How lucky for us, we've got our winner on day one :) the last digit is our winner #3

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Carter !!!!!

These folks had a 1 in 3 chance at a $50 USAKnifeMakers gift certificate !!!!!

While we are heading into the summer slump for knife forumming chances are you'll have great odds of winning if you enter our give-a-way by doing a WIP thread.

Take care all !!!


Bruce Bump

Forum Owner-Moderator
Congrats Mike!!

Man I gotta get back in this ball game. The chances of winning are good.
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