Orbis 10 in the making


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I started on an Orbis 10 and thought it would be nice to take pictures of the whole process. The Orbis 10 is an integral bowie styled user knife. This one will get a double guard, only the upper guard will be just high enough to place a lanyard hole in it. It will get a brown micarta handle and an orange spacer. the handle will be closed by a pommel that will be secured by a peened over tang.

Here are the first pictures:

The block of steel I start with, 1.2510 (O1), 2.5 cm (1") Thick, 6 cm (21/2") wide and 15 to 20cm (6" to 8") long.

The first forgings under the press to lengthen the blade part

Using the rolling mill and the press I form the first part of the tang.

Here you can see the start of the different thicknesses

The next step will be the folding out of the "Wings" that will form the guard and forming the bevels and tip.

Bush Monkey

Beautiful lines. I look forward to seeing this one take form.


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And a bit more action...

Drawing the rough lines on the blank. Important for the positioning of the wings and the point.

Here I used the angle grinder to cut of the point in reverse. So the angled part will become the back and the straight part the edge. Than I made two cuts which I will fold out.

Using the chicle, I push the wings to the outside....

a bit more....

...and not any further. Later on I will position them at the exact location.

Next I forged the point and tapered the whole blade and started forging on lower and lower temperatures. After this I will start on drawing the final dimensions on the blade and grind some of the parts, forge the guard some more and draw out the tang.

Tod Lowe

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I do stock removal so these wips are very interesting to me
and this Bowie looks like its going to be awesome when its done.


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Way cool way to do the guard beats drilling holes and file intill it fits. Looks very nice.


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Okay...I'm hooked. I wanna see more pics of progress...keep 'em coming. I like what I see so far.


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excellant way to show all the work that goes into one of your knives. besides being cool to look at, its also a very good selling point.


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This evening I hamered the guard in the right place and angle.

Next I've drawn out the tang:

Positioning of the grind guide...

first grinding

Opening up the choil further by using a wider diameter contact wheel...

Choil opened up and steel removed from the tang...

check if the grip is all right. The forward grip is the reason why the guard is angled. With a double guard I like to angel it just to make sure nothing is poking in your hand.

My incredible high tech and pricy measuring instrument. I sell this exceptional piece of must have gear for only 857.00 euro's.....you can't live without it!...

Measuring the guard on the left....

and the right side....I will do this also on the opposite side, just to make sure the guard is the same on both sides.


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So it took awhile but here is the rest of the pictures....

When the knife is ready to be hardened it will be stress relieved for a second time and then hardened.

Here are two pictures of the finished knife with the Kydex/Leather sheath made by Martin Swinkels



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Simply amazing what you guys can do from a raw block of steel... Fantastic WIP and amazing final product!!