Orange G10 Hunter

Bill Vining

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It's been quite a while since I finished a knife. This is one I just finished this morning and need to get it in the mail today. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo).


After a long hiatus, I am trying to get back in the shop to finish a few knives started over a year ago and also start a few new ones. I am having a difficult time finding my MOJO if you know what I mean. Anyone got any tips on how they get motivated?? I have a feeling once I get back in the swing of things, the wife will start complaining she never sees me any more. (not necessarily a bad thing).

Frank Hunter

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That's a good looking knife and sheath. As for the motivation, as a full time maker I find that I am my own worst enemy. Recently I've begun to get my feet back underneath me to a degree and it stems from a holistic health type of view on things. Focusing on recovery, stress relief, adequate sleep and nutrition have done some good for my motivation and energy level.

Rudy Joly

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Looking good Bill.
I get my mojo back everytime the queen even hints at finding things for me to do. This of course happens on a daily basis....I need to get a bed and cable TV in my shop.


Frank Hunter

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One of my mistakes from a production standpoint was adding a refrigerator, futon, and microwave. Seriously. Without a foreman to be cracking the whip, or I guess now that I *am* the foreman, I keep wanting to eat or nap while the furnace is running or I'm waiting for epoxy to kick. So perhaps avoiding comfort measures in your production area might be worth it to stay focused. Everyone has individual demons that we fight to stay on the straight and narrow.