Open Shop visit next week @USAKnifemaker

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What: We have a few friends stopping by to play in the shop for a day or two. We will make some damascus, lay up a carbon fiber sheet and generally shoot the breeze and try to recycle a few beers. There is no real agenda. We are just getting together because we can and it's fun. It's not a hammer-in but we will have the hot shop running and get some billets made. I'll get the CNC running a few parts and show what goes into that.

Who: Peter Martin, Les Voorhies, Jess Hoffman, Dustin Larson and maybe Tony Metsala along with myself.

When: Next Thursday the 18th of October.

Where: MIdwest Knifemakers Supply
2650 9Th Ave
Mankato, MN

TImes: Most will show up Wednesday mid afternoon and we will end up staying into the evening solving most of the worlds issues. Thursday will start around 8:30 and go again till mid evening. Some may stop by Friday morning but that isn't clear yet. Most of the shenanigans will be Thursday.

Your Invite: If you are reading this, you are invited to stop by Wednesday afternoon, Thursday or both. You should let me know if you plan on coming.


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Sure wish I lived closer than way down here on Gulf Coast of Alabama. That would be FUN way to spend a couple of days. Good luck and have fun!

Von Gruff

Sure wish I lived closer than way down here in New Zealand Tracey. Would love to be able to atten and know without doubt that my bags would be overweight on the return trip. I get my supplies from you through a forwarding agent as he charges per weight for shipping which seems to work out cheaper than getting them direct from you.