one done for Blade show 12" OAL in CPM154

BossDog & Owner
Staff member
Finished one up for Blade Show...

CPM154, mirrored with stabilized and carved Maple Burl scales
Shaped bolster
12" OAL
Hollow ground 10" wheel for the cutting edge
4" wheel for the swedge
Red liner under the scales
Very well done Tracy. Beautiful job, and I really like the carving and the flow of metal into the handle material.
Beautiful knife, Tracy! I love the overall flow and design of the knife as well as the choice of handle material. Expertly done.
That has such flowing lines - they just flow! Boss - that will go to a high end collector for sure! In another thread there was mention of "Rockstar" status - that is definitely in the "RockStar" class!

I hope it doesn't sell first day so I'll get a chance to see it in real at Blade this year.

Ken H>
thanks guys.
It's the most time I have spent making one knife but it seems to have come out.
It is spoken for but the buyer will let me but the buyer is going to let me show it at our booth at the Blade show.
Beautiful work! Has a very futuristic flare to it. Very well done sir!
That's nuts! As if learning to get the fit and finish isn't hard enough without getting all crazy with bolsters... why you wanna go and make this even harder for us? That's one of the most unique things I've seen. Very cool and well done.